A Guardian is a family who adopts one of our potential quality breeding puppies and provides them with a forever home. The Guardian raises, trains, and cares for the puppy as their own, but True North retains all breeding rights.
What is a Guardian?
What is "breeding rights"?
Breeding rights means that The adult female dog will produce three litters for True North. Once the puppy grows and passes her health tests, she will become a breeder in our program.  The Guardian family commits to bringing the dog to us so that the litter is born in our home and under our care. The female will stay with us for 7 to 8 weeks when the puppies are here and will return to her Guardian home once the puppies are weaned.
How much does a Guardian puppy cost?
The Guardian family gets the pick of the litter puppy at no cost. Guardians pay a deposit that will be returned to them when the female is spayed and retires from her breeding career. True North pays for the spay procedure.
Who pays for the breeder dog expenses?
True North pays for costs related to breeding and the Guardian family pays for all costs related to having a pet: vaccines, check ups, medications, grooming, food, etc.
How long is the female a  breeder in the program?
Typically, females will have their first litter when they are one to two years old; in total, a female will be a breeder in the program for 3 to 4 years.
Can I become a Guardian?
Guardians must live within one hour from Westport and have a fenced in backyard; there must be someone home for most of the day and no children under 4. Guardians commit to training their puppies.
Can Guardians visit their dogs when they are at True North with their litters?
Absolutely. We encourage Guardians to visit to see their mom and her puppies.
Do you have males available to Guardians?
No. At this time, we are looking for Guardians for females only.
What do I have to do to become a Guardian?
The first step to become a Guardian is submitting an application. We will then contact you to discuss details and answer any questions you may have.
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