Please read about the guardian program here.


Chester truly is a special boy. He is easy going and friendly, gorgeous, and connects well with people, dogs, and even baby puppies. You can read more about him on his page. A guardian stud comes here only for a few hours to breed and goes back home.  Chester has lived with us since he arrived from Canada when he was 5 months old. He is fully trained and a gentleman.

Chester will do well in any family situation but we prefer that he goes to a house with older kids. He is fully trained and has a middle range energy level, but  as with all young dogs he requires daily exercise.  Chester has the softest full coat and requires grooming every 6 -8 weeks. We are looking for a guardian family who lives within 20 minutes from Westport. Please submit an application if you are interested! This boy is a gem.


We are looking for a guardian home for Remy!

        Remy has been an amazing mom and given us wonderful puppies. She will have one last litter before retiring, so this will be a short term guardian commitment. She is fully trained and even though Remy would adjust in any family situation, our preference is for a home with a structured environment and kids older than 10. For more information about Remy please check her page. You can read about the guardian program here. Guardians need to live within one hour from Westport, have an adult home most of the time, and a fenced -in backyard.


This is an amazing opportunity for getting  a trained young adult dog for a very short guardian commitment. Please submit an application before contacting us.