This video has useful information to help you get started: How to set up a safe confinement area for your puppy. I am recommending the North States Play Area because it is safer: many puppies can easily climb the wire fence (and seem to want to make a sport of it!) I found the grass potty idea in the video very messy to clean, so I suggest using the Blyss Indoor Potty with a pad underneath the grill. 

I simply can't resist sharing with you Calming Music to Help Crate your Dog. (The pretty doggy with his earphone on!)

I highly recommend the Portable Waterboy for when the puppies are small and the Slopper Stopper for when they grow up: they keep puppies' chins dry and cannot be turned into a swimming pool! The tray and shelf, with a pad on the tray, will be a better option than the Blyss potty if you will have your puppy using the potty regularly inside. 

 The Gooby harness is soft and great for the small puppy; the round leather collar is lightweight and does not cause matting in adult dogs.

 Simpawtico has good advice on Kongs:  How to Use a Kong Dog Toy.

 I place the Kongs in an empty egg carton so that they stay upright and don't spill the filling in the freezer.

 In this video, Simpawtico explores toys from a training point of view. Dog Toys - the 4 Types and How to Use Them Right.

Use this small slicker brush to get your puppy used to brushing; the grooming scissors will be needed to trim your puppy's eyes, and paws, and puppy's private areas. 

Chris Christensen brush is not cheap but it's a good investment; you need a brush that reaches underneath the coat to comb where the matting starts. WALA offers a very practical grooming guide.

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