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Upcoming Litters

Amber & Gowen

due date

last week of July

Going home 

last week of September

Approximate size

 medium - 25 to 35 pounds


shades of apricot and red

white markings possible

True North's Amber Dream
pregnancy confirmed by ultrasound

all reserved
Bestland Sir Gowen
Amber has a solid and even temperament and is a delight of a dog. She is smart, gentle, and loving. She recently became an older sister to an adorable baby girl and she loves her new role in the family  -- she is always nearby as if protecting her baby sister.  Amber has a wavy red fleece coat and an adorable face -- she loves to smile!  

Sir Gowen is our new amazing stud. He is a mini with a gorgeous dark red fleece coat and a stocky body. Gowen is a sweet and affectionate boy and has a middle range energy level. 

Amber and Gowen are a great match and we can't wait to see the red pretty puppies they will have in the fall.  

Mazie & Gowen

Due date

September/October 2024

Going home 

November/December 2024

Approximate size

 medium - 30 to 35 pounds


shades of red and caramel

white markings possible

True North's Amazing Ms Mazie
accepting reservations
Bestland Sir Gowen
 Mazie is a lovely sweet girl who looks very much like her sire Chester and has the vivacious temperament of her dam Nala. She is smart and curious; it's a joy to have this fun girl around. Mazie has a dark caramel wavy coat and a beautiful body structure; she is a medium size. This is going to be Mazie's first litter.   

 Sir Gowen is our new amazing stud. He has a gorgeous dark red fleece coat and a stocky body; he is a mini size. In terms of temperament, Gowen is perfect: sweet and affectionate and easy going. 

 Mazie & Gowen's will be in shades of red and white markings are possible; Puppies will be a medium size when grown. in. We can't wait to see the puppies from these two lovely dogs! 

These dates are tentative -- Mother Nature is in charge. Occasionally we may have to substitute a stud and we will do our best to find a similar replacement.

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