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  What is a Guardian?​


 A Guardian is a family who adopts one of our potential breeding quality puppies and provides them with a forever home.

The Guardian raises, trains, and cares for the puppy as their own, but True North retains all breeding rights.


What are the requirements to become a guardian family?



a fenced in yard


living within one hour from Westport


children older than 6

an adult home for most of the day 

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   The guardian program is a great way of making sure that our breeder dogs live a full life and are loved and cherished members of their own family. In exchange for caring for a True North labradoodle and partnering with us during the dog's breeding career, you will receive an amazing dog for a fraction of the cost. True North is responsible for all costs related to breeding and the guardian is responsible for all pet related expenses.  


   Training and socialization are very important aspects of pet ownership and even more so with guardian dogs, for these high quality breeders are our Ambassadors -- they represent the True North Labradoodles breeding program and the breed as a whole. Training will not only result in a well mannered dog; it will also allow the dog to develop to its full potential, for labradoodles thrive in the mental exercise training requires.

Labradoodles thrive in the mental exercise training requires.


 Health tests

We will test the True North labradoodle's hips, patellas, heart, eyes, and run a  genetic disease panel when the dog is 6 to 12 months old. If the dog passes all health tests, she will be bred after her first year birthday, usually in her second or third heat; we may breed her back to back or once a year. A female will have three or four litters. 

Puppy time

   Once the dog goes into heat during a breeding cycle,  she goes for a progesterone test to determine the best time for mating. This may need to be done two or three times; when the time is right, she will come here to mate and then go back home; one week before her due date, she comes back to us and stays until her puppies are weaned: about seven to eight weeks. 


   The benefits of being a Guardian Family are not only financial; the cycle of life is a beautiful thing and being able to participate in this experience with a guardian dog is a privilege. The Guardian Family participates in the development of this wonderful breed and raises healthy and confident dogs who will produce puppies that will be a great addition to some very lucky families. 


   We are looking for Guardians for a puppy from each upcoming litter. 

Please submit an application and email us for more details!

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