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Sofie & Austin

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Date of Birth: 4/21/24              Going home: 6/22/24

medium size                          2 females and 4 males

Week 5
Week 3

one week old

2 days old
IMG_8736 (6)_edited.jpg
True North's Sofie
Manor Lake Ostentatious
   Sofie has an elegant body structure and a silky apricot fleece coat with tuxedo white markings; she is right between a large mini and a small medium in size. She is a gentle and loving girl who loves people and is just as happy to be running outside as she is cuddling for quiet time.

   Austin is owned by our friends at All Spice Labradoodles and we are grateful to be able to use this gorgeous boy in our program. Austin is from the amazing Manor Lake Labradoodles program established in 2006. He is the result of 18 years of quality breeding and a perfect example of what we strive for in our program: a solid body structure, a large head and deep chest, a saber tail, and a well-balanced and loving temperament. Austin is a red parti and has a luscious soft fleece coat; he is a small medium size.
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