Bea & Doc
size: mini/large mini
15-16 inches; 18-27 pounds
1 parti boy
2 caramel and 4 parti girls
wavy fleece
DOB: 3/30
Go Home Date: 5/28
All reserved.
Week 7
Week 6
Week 5
Week 3
Week 2
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Bea's First Pic.jpg

Swinging Gate's Doc Holliday is an extreme parti, that is, genetically he is a caramel parti but the caramel color is not very expressed; Bea is a parti carrier, so it is possible that they will have caramel parti puppies. 

Doc is owned by Monadnock  Labradoodles:

"Doc  has amazing conformation with his stocky, blocky build. Always sociable and goofy, he loves to play and be around dogs and people."

Thank you Danielle  for this adorable and sweet stud! 

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