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Remy's Page

True North's First Spring



​DOB:  3/10/2019

Size:   medium, 35 lbs

​Coat:  Wavy Fleece

​Color: red caramel -   bb ee

OFA Hips: Good   Elbows: Normal

​Health Tests: vWD Clear, CAER Normal, DNA Profile, CBC, DM Clear, IC Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear. 

​​Dam -  Dogs Paradise Emma

​Sire -  Raisdoodles' Pieter


   Remy is a gorgeous red caramel and her coat is very soft and stunning. She has a beautiful stocky and elegant body and a perfect square head; she makes great contact with her hazel soulful eyes. Remy is a medium: 35 pounds and 18 inches.


  Remy has a sweet personality and is very people oriented. She loves a cuddle and is very quick to offer her belly for rubs. She is very affectionate and likes to sit right next to her human and make physical contact -- put her head on your lap and sometimes lie right on top of you! Remy is playful but not high energy and a very nice companion; present but not demanding. In a classroom Remy would be the student who always does her homework, doesn't talk during the lesson, and studies for the test. This is an A+ girl and we love having her around.

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