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Dog's Paradise Emma



​DOB:  10/21/2017

Size:  small medium, 32 lbs

​Coat:  Wavy Fleece

​Color: caramel parti - bbee

OFA Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Normal

​Health Tests: vWD Clear, CAER Normal, DNA Profile, CBC, DM Clear, IC Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear. 

​​Dam -  Dogs Paradise Queenie

​Sire -  Dogs Paradise Bro

  Emma came to us from Dogs Paradise in The Netherlands. She has a solid body and beautiful bone structure and conformation: a nice square head, a perfect ear set, and beautiful light hazel loving eyes. Emma is what’s called an extreme caramel parti: her coat has more white color than caramel but genetically she is a parti. She weighs 32 pounds and is a little over 17 inches in height – a small medium size.


  Emma is a medium energy fun loving playing companion. She is attuned to what's going on around her and is very affectionate with her humans; she loves cuddling up for a hug and is very huggable -- like a teddy bear.  She has quiet zen moments but is also very spirited and present; she is very expressive and has a fun and interesting personality. Emma has been a great addition to our program and has given us many wonderful puppies.


 Thank you Nanja and Hans for this truly special girl and for being such good friends and mentors. Your generosity is highly appreciated.

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