True North's Kona



​DOB:  3/10/2019

Size:  large mini, 26 pounds

​Coat:  Wavy Fleece

​Color: red caramel -   bb ee

OFA Hips: Excellent   Elbows: Normal

​Health Tests: vWD Clear, CAER Normal, DNA Profile, CBC, DM Clear, EIC clear, IC Clear, PRA/PRCD Clear. 

​​Dam -  Dogs Paradise Emma

​Sire -  Raisdoodles' Pieter


   Kona  is 26 pounds and 17 inches high -- a large mini size. Her wavy coat is a beautiful red caramel color and her solid body is perfectly proportioned. Kona's hips are OFA Excellent and she's clear of all genetic diseases. 

  Kona is a happy girl and has an exuberant personality ; she's the one who will get the stick in her mouth and start running to get the catch game started. She's alert and smart and so full of life. You can't help but feel happy watching so much joie de vivre.

At home she lies down by my desk when I'm working and follows me around the house. If I get up to get a cup of coffee, here she comes with me... Not because she is needy -- she's not -- but because she likes being with me, being with people. She wants to participate in the life around her. We are lucky to have this especial girl in our program. Kona will have her first litter towards the end of 2020.


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